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Steph's Bow Designs started in 2006 with the birth of our Baby Girl.  I was so excited with having a new Baby Girl, I went a little Hair Bow crazy.  I went to several stores and Boutiques to find just the right matching Hair Bows but time and time again, I was disappointed with the quality of the Hair Bows.  I realized that I could make much more adorable and better quality Hair Bows. 

I started small and one day, while shopping with my Baby Girl at a local store, a lady approached me and asked "Where did you buy that adorable Hair Bow?"  I realized then and there that I should probably start selling them.

All my Hair Bows are made with quality in mind and every end is heatsealed to prevent fraying.  

Please take the time to view my "Happy Customer" comments.

I love making Hair Bows and No Custom Hair Bow is to difficult.

Thank you,


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